Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time for a Road Trip

I am always ready for a road trip, especially since we live in such a beautiful place. So when Sarah suggested we head off to Durango we said absolutely.  Joel and I have been to Durango a few times, but not since we had little ones. So headed out on Friday we make to long trip. The kids did great, only losing it a little about 45 miles out. Once arriving we headed straight to Steamworks, for some beers and crab legs. It was really great.
     The next morning we headed over to catch a bus, to ride into Silverton. It was about the only sun we would see that day. Once we started over the pass, it started to rain, and even hailed a little bit. The driver did a great job and got us in safely. Once in Silverton, we did a little tourist shopping, which is fun with little ones, since they want everything. We did walk away with a pop gun and a butterfly hat. On the drive home, we had to institute a warning word before the gun would pop - after we startled Mom and Dad one to many times. After a good lunch we headed over to the train station.

Lauren all smiles  in her new hat
 Cooper and Mom ready

We started off with a little rain, and it continued thru the trip, but we never really got too wet, and the place was really beautiful.  We had signed up to be in the open air car, and thankfully it was not too cold, so it was really fun.

Train ran along the creek for many miles - just about to pass and really big waterfall

 Cooper and Lauren ready to go- All smiles ( with some fruit snacks in our cheeks)

Really enjoying the views

After a long day on the train we let the kids blow off a little steam at the hotel pool and then grabbed some pizza.   The next morning we were headed over to Mesa Verde. Again, a really cool place. We grabbed tickets to tour the Balcony House and The Cliff Palace.  Both are very cool and the kids were able to climb ladders and crawl thru small tunnels. What's not to like. The best thing was it was a whole day with sun. We were ready to enjoy it. We were also very proud of Jack for making it up the first 30 foot ladder.
SO ready to GO
 Lauren checking out the Balcony House
 Ready for Cliff Palace
 Martha and Jack Enjoying the SunShine
 The Cousins had a great time

Even thought it is a rough drive down to Durango, and it always seems to take longer then it should, we had a great trip. I am sure we will travel down again soon. Hopefully we can get in a few camping trips before summer is over. Let the summer fun begin!

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