Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Grammie Comes to Town

Mom was looking for something fun to do this summer, and thought a trip to beautiful Colorado would be fun. I am not sure she made the right choice, but we sure enjoyed having her. We tried to keep her entertained with all the great summer fun.

We started off with a trip to the Denver's Children Museum. We do not go that often, but we did find out they have a great new outdoor area that the kids loved. Including a sand pile, hay bales, zip line, and a great water feature. Of course we had to get in and of course we were swopping wet on the car ride home, but that never hurt anybody. All in all it was a great day, and I plan on taking the kids back before the summer is over.

Lauren checking out the stream
 Fire Fighter Cooper
 Lauren making bubbles
 Cooper VERY excited about a bubble that had just popped

We had to also get swimming time in as well. Having two neightborhood pools makes it very nice to just go jump in the pool for a hour or two. Cooper is swimming very well with summer and Lauren is a little fish and I expect her to lose the floaties soon. We try to hit the pool at least once a week, but with the cooler weather it is not always happening.

Happy Girl
 Cooper coming down the slide

 We also ran up to Estes Park. Sadly I had not been to Estes in about 5 years, so it was really nice to get back up there to enjoy a beautiful day. We walked around and just enjoyed the mountains.
Kids posing with the local wildlife
 Mom with the kids watch the rushing water

Just a few more random shots from the week. I must also note that I have gotten very bad at taking pictures, so I borrowed some of Grammie's for this blog. (Thanks Mom!!) I have really got to work on that or my kids will be missing years out of their childhoods :)

Grammie had brought Cooper's Bday gift early - Here they are playing with sprinklers he received
We have had a lot of fun with this since
 Playing a little air hockey.... I am not sure who won
Mom and I at dinner, I am beginning to think I do look a little like my Mom :)

We are so glad that Grammie was able to visit and hope she can come back again soon. Hopefully with Grandpa...... we would hate for him to miss all the fun (or maybe chaos is a better word).

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