Friday, September 04, 2015

The Carnival comes to Town

Several businesses in Superior bring in stuff for kids and adults alike on a early fall Saturday. We came across it more by accident the first fall we lived here and have attended every year since. This year we rode our bikes down (about a 1 1/2 from the house), and we sure to arrive early since this fall day was more late summer and still pretty hot.
   First stop was the bouncy castles. I am not sure at what point the kids will not love these, but I am guessing it will only be when it stops being "cool" . (Or whatever vernacular the kids will be using by that time ) I personal would still play in them if given the opportunity and the assurance I would not hurt a kids, or more likely hurt myself.  But this is where we spent a good amount of time, just playing. It was great!

 Lauren in the blue t-shirt climbing up, and Cooper is in the green Shirt :)

Next was the petting zoo. This one had really great pets, and we were able to get some carrots to feed to them. I did see one toddler eating the carrots himself, which who can blame him, carrots are great. They had of course goats, but also a donkey, small horse, lamas, and sheep. I think I ever saw a baby cow. Lauren really enjoyed feeding them carrots.  The neatest animal was a large tortoise. He was really cool and moved through the bigger animals with great agility and speed you would not normally think a turtle could. Fun was had by all.

Lauren looking to see who needed to be petted next
 Cooper with the Tortoise
 Now Lauren's turn

We walked down to Chick Fil A and had a great lunch, and played even more. Still not to be done, when we walked back to get our bikes, we discovered that Anna and Elsa were visiting from Arendelle.  So of course we had to talk to them and get our face painted. 

 Happy Girl
Gotta play with some chalk
 Coop too
 Lauren's school had invited a group called Tot's Sports. They lead a small class on working with basketballs. The kids were really cute and enjoyed following the instructions.

We had a nice day and are grateful to live in a community that brings these thing in for kids. I think I will be sad when Cooper tells me he does not want to go anymore. I think that day is going to come sooner then I will be ready for.

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