Monday, October 05, 2015

Grandparents make it to town

Mom and Dad survive the long journey back and forth from Alaska. Thankfully they were able to stop by and see us for a few days. Here are a few pics from the time they were here.

Grammie and Cooper ready for church
Family ready for church - Thanks Mom for the family photo
 Grandpa and Cooper having a lego battle
Cooper showing off his school
 Cooper - the next American Ninja warrior
 Grandpa pushing Lauren on the swings
 Dad and Daughter swinging
Joel schooling Cooper with his basketball skills
 Cooper and Grandpa hanging out on our deck enjoying the beautiful evening
We were all glad that Mom and Dad were able to stop, I know it was a long trip for them. I think Dad noted his car went from 13 miles to over 10000 miles. I am guessing they will fly next summer :).

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