Thursday, November 05, 2015

Flag Football

We have played soccer for the last few years, and Cooper (as well and Mom and Dad), was ready for something else. So we decided to try flag football. Cooper really seemed to enjoy it, but being such a complex game, I am not sure he knew what he was doing all the time. But he was always smiling, so it was a success.

Here are a few shots from the season.

Almost sacked the quarterback
 Got Him
 Hand off
 Trying to tackle his friend Ethan
 I think you are suppose to go from the flag, buddy
 Got it
 Another Hand off
The smile
 Lauren was always helpful- with Dad marking the downs
 See also had a grand old time collecting sticks, and play with Ethan's little Brother Cody
 Cooper had a great time, and I think he will want to play again... Now I have to prepare myself for Lauren playing soccer. She has been asking to play for about a year. We were able to put it off, by reminding her Cooper did not start playing until he was 5. I know she will have fun, I just am not sure if she is ready to follow the coach's instructions.... or just run around chasing butterflies :). Not that there is anything wrong with chasing butterflies, just not at the expense of another adults sanity.

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