Monday, April 04, 2016

A Very Sad Day

Dogs have been a big part of both of Joel and my lives. Joel got Baloo right out of college. So we have had a dog in the house our entire adult lives. They have given us so much love, joy and enjoyment over the last 18 years (15 for me ).  We sadly lost Molly last Thursday.  Both she and Baloo were amazing dogs, and we so glad they were in our lives. I thought I would put a few pictures from over the last years with these great dogs.

Both Baloo and I would be grinning when we hit the trails
Hiking in the snow at Lyon's Gulch
Molly has always ready to try new things
Or get in a tight spot

Baloo enjoyed fetch.... Molly enjoyed taking the ball from Baloo
Right from the beginning
But my Baloosy never gave up
Once she took all the toys she was ready for some down time
And she was good at it....
Really good at it :)
They were the BEST dogs for the kids 
 When they needed a hand
 or a seat...
Molly was a good seat.... even if she did not want to be

A boy and his dog... the best friends

 Molly wanted a dip
Molly and Baloo were the best of friends, and they will be missed for the rest of our lives. I am sure another dog is in our future, but they will have some big paws to fill. We love you Molly and Baloo and we miss you!!!

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Perry said...

Joel and Jill, We are very sorry for your families loss of those beloved furry friends! What an amazing life they had with you all and the experiences will be remembered forever. Those two could not have had better parents nor such a wonderful place to grow, play, and share. Thanks for sharing the pictures and we are thinking of you all. The Perry's