Friday, April 22, 2016

Quick trip to KC

I have been feeling that life has been flying by and we have not been able to go and see. So I planned, for about the 3rd time, to go camping in Utah. The kids had not been there, and I have had a great time there every time we visit. But again, the weather came in, and would make our camping trip a cool wet mess. So we decided to run away from the weather. We planned to drive halfway to KC on Thursday and then check into the The Great Wolf Lodge. It started with lunch at T Rex

The restaurant itself was was really cool, but the food was awful. Even with low expectations it was bad, but the decorations was really fun, and the kids loved it.  Then we checked into the Lodge. They have a indoor waterpark, and we spend the next about 36 hours waterlogged. The kids really, really loved it. Lauren went down the slides about 100k times, and smiled and squealed each time. Cooper found a new friend every few minutes to play basketball with. It was really fun.

    On Sunday we headed over to World's of Fun. They recently added a new Snoopy section for the little kids, and we headed right for them.

First stop train

Lauren and Dad are ready to hit all the rides

Snoopy is the best

Our favorite ride was Woodstock flyers - super fun

Another fun ride

They had an exhibit of Dinosaurs Alive. The automated lifesize dinos were really cool.

When we were driving up to the park, Joel noted if we made it to 3pm he would be impressed. Not only did my little parties make it, we rode rides until the almost closing time. Joel actually rode his first roller coaster in about 30 years, and think had a little fun on it. Cooper and I rode the Detonator. It was one that goes up and down really fast, and he said was awesome. 
  After 72 hours of playing really, really hard, we were tired. The ride home was long, but we were very glad that we got busy livin'.

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