Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet Obi Wan Kenobi

As you know, we lost our beloved pup Molly in April. We have really missed having a dog, but knew with a trip coming up in June, we could not get a new pup until after we returned. I started looking for a dog in late May, knowing we would need to hopefully be able pick one from the litter, and pick up once ready to be separated from Momma. Joel was a little apprehensive, not sure he was ready for the puppy time, but I knew we needed to get one when it was warm outside, since I would be making outdoor trips in the middle of the night.  Joel happened across a friend on Twitter, that showed a pic of his new puppy, that was born in early May. So he contacted him, and asked if any were left. Thankfully, there were still 5 puppies still available.  So off I went with the kids to meet with Dave, the momma dogs owner.

Cooper holding Obi - he was about 1 month old at this point

I fell in love, and knew that this was the pup for us. He was fun, and fearless. (And I am not sure anyone can resist a black lab puppy- they are the cutest). So knowing we had a new family member, we agreed with Dave to come pick him up, after the pups six week shots.  So we counted down the days until we were able to pick him up. Cooper had a play date with a friend, so Lauren and I headed down to Parker,CO to pick him up. I was a little worried he was going to be a handful, but thankfully he was still young enough that he tried out quickly and slept most of the way home.

Momma happy to have a dog again :) (he looks bigger here then he is due to the angle)
Kids VERY happy 
 So far he has been a really good dog. Other then being a BIG morning person..... 5 AM is the time to run around and bite EVERYTHING.  He seems pretty calm, and will even let a large group of kindergarten pet and poke you.   I know we are very happy to have a dog in the house, and I am thrilled the kids get to have a puppy, and a family dog while growing up. I just will be more thrilled about it once he no longer needs to get up at 3 AM to go outside.
 He has already doubled in size, so we need to keep taking pics.
We are letting him go to sleep with the kids - too cute
Can see how much bigger he is now then when we picked him out :)
When we were picking out names, we were between Obi, Cash, and Cole. But the kids agreed with Obi, and I must admit Obi is fun to say:). When calling the vet to make his appointment, the attendant pointed out that his birthday (May 4) , is know as May the Fourth be with you, with Star Wars fans. So Obi was destined to be. 

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