Monday, June 20, 2016

Animals and Science!! The Florida Excitement Continues

      We have covered a lot of things with our trip, and we still have several other places that we visited. Along with the last two blog we also went to Lowry Zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, The Florida Aquarium, and The Clearwater Aquarium.  We had purchased the City Pass for Tampa before we came, providing us with discounted tickets to all these places.
     We hit the zoo on Saturday morning. As usually it was hot, but like most places in Florida they have water features to help with the heat. We had a great time, the kids able to ride some kiddie rides, and Mom and Dad riding the log ride. We were able to pet sting rays, and feed a giraffe.

Cooper on the Komodo Dragon

Lauren Riding on the Carousel, she choose a Dragon
Mom and Cooper after second time down the log ride - My tennis shoes were squeakie the rest of the day
Petting the Sting rays -Lauren really loved doing this
Cooper and Lauren feeding the girafffe
    Next were the two aquariums. We were able to see Winter, the dolphin from the Movie "A Dolphin's Tale". The aquarium was small but nice and Lauren was able to pet more sting rays.  On Monday morning before flying out we went to the Florida Aquarium.

Lauren watching Winter and his friend from the underwater viewing area
Checking out the water spout
Going into the Florida Aquarium
Lauren smiling with all the pretty fishies

More Sting Rays

Finally the Museum of Science and Industry.  It was a big place, and had lots of cool exhibit for the kids. The museum had an Imax and we watched a nice documentary about the National Parks. After that, we headed to outside the museum for the excitement of a ropes course. The kids were very excited about it, and they took off like a couple of monkeys. 
Lauren and Dad headed up
Cooper crossing over
All Smiles
Heading across the platforms
Cooper walking the high wire

Quick Video of Cooper and Lauren on the course

We had a really great trip, and I am hoping the kids will remember their first trip to the beach foundly.  We are truly blessed.

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