Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back on the wagon

Did my first night ride in a long time last night. Caught the Redstone Cyclery ride just north of Boulder last night on the Boulder Res. trails. Even though the ride was pretty flat, I still struggled off the back of the pack at times. Coming off of summer without having a solid base has just been killing me on the rides, as all the other guys rode all summer and surely get more rides in even in the winter.

Felt good to be back out at night though, night riding really makes a trail feel different. The Boulder Res trails would be pretty uneventful during the day, but ripping through them at 10mph average under a helmet light gives them some good excitement. We were worried about mud, but ended up riding dusty trails with no mud at all.

The only bad part was that my back-up light I bought was DOA at the trail. Something in the switch went bad so now I've got to see about getting it replaced, which should be too hard considering it has only been used once.

The totals:
12 miles
9.9 mph average
22.8 top speed
1 tired rider

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