Friday, January 20, 2006

Snow Report Agony

I get the email snow report from Winter Park and Copper Mountain every morning. I think I may end up having to unsubscribe as I spent all day long thinking of the 11.5 inches of new powder at Winter Park and me sitting here on the Front Range. I've decided that I really could get used to being a ski bum, if only I was independently wealthy.....I'll work on that.

Weekend looks chilly and trails are covered in snow (it had to happen some day). Maybe this weekend we can actually get our first snow shoeing expedition to happen as we ended up calling off last week's outing due to blowing snow and very cold temps in the higher elevations. Sunday looks to be a Broncos/Steelers day, probably will watch that closely since that is all that the Denver media has been talking about for the last week.

But until all that comes to fruition its happy hour with three babes in Boulder, then me driving them home.

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