Monday, February 20, 2006

Fiona Apple needs medical attention

Sarah, Jill and I took in the Coldplay/Fiona Apple show last night at the Pepsi Center. Overall a dy-no-mite show. Coldplay really sounds better live than recorded, and its a much edgier concert than you would expect. The live version of Politik is incredibly impressive. Set list was well chosen and included Jill's favorite "Till Kingdom Come" (a Johnny Cash tribute) which they then followed up with "Ring of Fire". Of course they played all the big hits such as "Clocks", "Trouble", "Yellow", "The Scientist", "In My Place", etc.

And Fiona Apple....
Let me say that I am a big Fiona Apple fan. I've been a fan of her music for many years, and really like her latest album. But she should not dance. Ever. She looked like she was convulsing on the stage. She sounded great at times, but then at times she tried to put too much emotion into her songs and it just came across shrill. When she sat at the piano and played, she really was impressive. As far as opening acts go, she's one of the best I've seen but she really should never ever ever ever try to dance.

Here is my one pic from last night, shot with my 640x480 camera phone (why can't Tmobile carry the 1.3mp Razr?) during Yellow where these huge balloons filled with confetti dropped from the ceiling.

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