Thursday, June 08, 2006

Triple Digit Week

After hitting 90+ miles last week, this week I surpassed 100 miles on Wednesday. Of course, doing a 50 mile ride on Sunday gets me 1/2 way there, but 100 miles is a 100 miles right? And yeah I know that tons of people do a 100 miles in a day, but a milestone is a milestone regardless of how small it may be to some people.

Sunday - 52 miles at Elephant Rock
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Easy ride at lunch, 14 miles
Wednesday - Hard 36 mile ride. Ouch.

102 miles Sunday - Wednesday with a day off thrown in there. Pretty good by my standards, but I keep upping my standards so in two months time it will look pretty poor.

I'll probably approach 150 miles this week assuming I do something pseudo-big on Saturday. The road bike has really helped me be more consistent with riding and get in a lot more miles, but I do hear the sweet siren that I call singletrack calling my name this weekend.

Thinking about possibly doing a big ride at Winter Park, the Tipperary Creek Loop. If I don't do that, maybe either lift-aided downhilling at Winter Park with Jill or go up to West Magnolia and explore some new stuff.

When I get home and get the chance I'll throw up a glorious chart or graph detailing some quantitative method of tracking mileage/distance/speed/etc, as I know that Jill just won't be able to sleep until I bore her to sleep with some statistics. That is if she is really reading this.... :)

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Chris said...

You'll be doing 200,300, and 400 mile weeks before you know it :) Road biking helps that a lot.