Thursday, June 01, 2006

We honeymooned next to a ghost...

Jill & I have been watching the Sci-Fi Channel Show Ghost Hunters for the last year or so. Basically these are a group of people who go to places that are claimed to be haunted and they do scientific type research to try and document or disprove the haunting. They have multiple video recorders, audio devices, thermal imaging and a team of investigators that stay overnight in these places and try to capture evidence. The thing I like about the show is they are always trying to disprove a place is haunted, instead of just jumping on the bandwagon.

Last night's episode was shot at the Stanley Hotel, where Jill and I got married way back in 2001. The Stanley has a storied past of hauntings, and it was where Steven King stayed while writing The Shining. For our honeymoon, we had rented out Suite 1301, which was a 3rd story room in the building just to the west of the main building. Last night on Ghost Hunters they were investigating multiple places including the room right next door to where we stayed, Room 1302.

During the show they captured a pretty cool event where a table and chairs moved forcefully while the crew was in the room. A pretty strange occurrence, in a place that can certainly feel pretty spooky. I spent the night before our wedding next door to that room alone, and while a violent storm came through I never got to see any ghosts or goblins. Nonetheless, Jill & I got a kick out of seeing that we had stayed right next door to Casper or one of his not so friendly relatives.

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