Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An Evening with Pete Yorn

Ahhhhh... Back to a small venue concert. I absolutely love Red Rocks, and Coldplay was great at the Pepsi Center, but there is something unique about the experience of seeing a good concert in a small, intimate venue. Last night Jill & I checked out the sold out Pete Yorn show at the Fox Theater in Boulder. The Fox is a small place. When you walk into the room with the stage, the last row isn't more than 50ft from the stage. My kind of place.

And you ask, "Who is Pete Yorn?" Well he's an artist you should know. He is an oustanding guitar player (played acoustic last night), and a unique singer that doesn't fit any mold that I can think of. He's had moderate radio success with "Life on a Chain" and "Crystal Village", but never hit the mainstream. I've been a fan since his debut album "Music for the Morning After", but after seeing him live last night I've become much more of a fan.

The show started with Pete slowly walking on stage, with nothing more than his acoustic guitar. He played 4 or 5 songs, with just him and his guitar (and harmonica for Life on a Chain). After that he had a pianist join him for several more songs, then a drummer and a bass guitar player came out. The set started taking a much more upbeat tone from that point, which continued to a impressive rendition of Strange Condition.

He's got a new album due out in late August, certainly worth checking out. And if you ever get the chance to see this guy live, you should definitely check it out, as he puts on a really great show.

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