Monday, July 17, 2006

What goes up (the lift), must come down. Fast.

Jill & I hit Winter Park again yesterday for some more lift-aided downhill runs. Crowds were light and conditions were much more bearable at 9k feet than they were on the Front Range where temps hit 103 yesterday. Still a warm day for being at a ski resort, but quite pleasant zipping down the mountains.

The unfortunate part of the day is that I think Jill is going to have to fire her bike mechanic. First off this guy didn't get her quick release sufficiently tight and her wheel started to come loose on the first run down. Geez, this guy is a joke. Then I realized he has her front brake poorly mounted. Ugh. I've got some words for this guy.

So the second run down Jill's front brake went out, and we had to take the easy roads down. Luckily I was able to buy a new brake cable and some housing at the bike shop at the base and get it fixed up while we ate some lunch. After a couple tweaks, we were back in business with functioning brakes, which is typically a good thing to have when riding downhill.

We ended up making 5 runs up & down. We thought about trying some new trails out but we were both having a good time on the old standby of Cheyenne to Long Trail that we just did that run each time. Its a good, fast run that had little traffic. Nothing real technical on it, but its just fun to rip down the twisty singletrack and buzz through the trees.

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