Thursday, July 06, 2006

Final preparations for the MS150

I dug up an old friend to be the figurehead for my MS150 journey. I've talked in the past about finding Pete and putting him on my Yeti, and finally got motivated to have him take in the sights of the MS150 with me. When I get back he'll likely move to the Yeti, where he can see some real spectacular stuff in the upcoming months.

Its gonna be high miles, low sleep and a mix of hot weather and possible storms this weekend. I have been "peaking" towards this event, and that involved taking this week off entirely which felt entirely weird. So I'm quite anxious to get back on the bike and knock out 150+ miles. I really have no doubts about finishing, but I want to be strong on the ride and carry that fitness over into my upcoming epic rides I've been dreaming about since last summer.

That's right, as soon as the MS150 is over its high time for me to head to the high country for some high altitude riding. Was that enough highs? On my short list this summer:

1. Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass
2. Monarch Crest
3. Tipperary Creek
4. 401 & 403 in Crested Butte
5. Anything else that comes up that I'm available for

The Summer of Joel is just getting started...

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