Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back from our Glacier Adventure

8 days, 2600 miles in the car, 30+ miles hiking, 3 states and 3 national parks later we're back in Boulder County enjoying the comforts of a bed. We set off early last Saturday morning headed for Grand Teton as a half way point on our way to Glacier National Park on the northern border of Montana.

We arrived in Grand Teton National Park Saturday in time to check out the new visitor center that was having their grand opening that day. We stopped in long enough to buy some missing patches to adorn my backcountry backpack and then headed up to find a campsite.

Along our way we spotted a huge mass of cars, which upon closer inspection turned out to be a "bear jam". A mother grizzly and her cub were patrolling the hill side. We joined the masses just in time as shortly after we arrived, the two bears sauntered over the hill out of view of the growing crowd.

A sign of things to come, we encountered a hazy day which pretty much rendered all scenic panoramic type shots useless. We drove around the park, checked out some areas we had overlooked in the past and then waited for sunset hoping to maybe get some cool red sunset shots. The smoky haze from all the western wildfires can make for some great red sky shots, but we didn't have that much luck really. This shot below was about the coolest thing I got, but not exactly what I wanted.

The next day we would wake up early, pack up camp and head north stopping in Yellowstone long enough to check out Old Faithful erupting then motor on to Montana. When we get to Glacier the real adventures would begin. Several more posts to come about the huge backcountry hike that Jill I and did, plus all the other stories from our latest adventure.

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