Thursday, August 02, 2007

Living on caffine...

A couple months ago I weaned myself of my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper in lieu of iced tea, hoping that tea would be better for me than all the chemicals and such in diet soft drinks.

The last week has been hectic.

At work we're in the final throws of switching our financial software package over, monthly close of two systems I own, and my boss (who is the only person I can offload work to) is out of the country and his tasks are falling in my lap.

Add to that the two concerts I've been to in the last three days (another one on Saturday), and I'm running on empty. In an attempt to clear the fog in my brain this morning, I've pumped myself up with the sweet elixir of the Gods, Dr. Pepper. Not the imitation Diet stuff (which is pretty good), I mean the real, sugary sweet stuff. So for now I'm running around with a bit more clarity but I await the sugar rush crash that is inevitable.

I'll be off the juice again tomorrow, but today I turn to the can to help me make it through the day.

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