Friday, August 10, 2007

The Brandts in Boulder

Last Sunday we met up with Jason & Jennifer Brandt you were in the area for a Summit County retreat from the Oklahoma heat. They took a day trip down to Boulder Co so we all met up at the Walnut Brewery in Boulder for some food and spirits.

We got to hang out with them for a couple hours, take a walking tour of Pearl Street and then stroll through REI for a bit. They spent a week up in Summit County, but are headed back home today. Jennifer did a nice photo blog on their week at elevation, which was quite interesting and amusing. Its always intriguing to me to see the things that other people take note of that people who live here hardly even notice. For instance, the run-away truck ramps on I-70.

Anyway, the photos above are blatantly stolen from Jennifer, although I do think I have some partial legal rights to one since I took it right? You can check out the Brandt's trip at this link.

Good to see the Brandts (and thanks for lunch!), they seem to be doing quite well and they are both as thin and fit as I've ever seen them. Perhaps the best part was that after a month of thinking I was going to have to meet up with Jason only to have him lambaste me about our Tour De France pick 'em game, he had an epic collapse that somehow turned my 2 hour deficit into a 3 hour lead. So I take a 2* - 0 lead in the TDF Pickem.

(* denoting that Floyd Landis' arbitration hearing could potentially take a win away from me. Isn't it great that over a year after a race you still don't know who legally won due to all the cheating? Ugh.)

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