Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Holiday Shuffle

Well the holidays are coming to a close, especially since I don't truly consider New Year's Eve or Day to be "real" holidays. A week before Christmas, we did the tour de Oklahoma then hosted my parents here over the actual holiday. We were significantly lazy, but had a good time just spending time with each other.

Lots of nice presents distributed to the group, but without a doubt the hit was Sarah giving me Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. Considering the White family is rhythmically challenged, Jill was definitely the star of DDR. You can't simply go through the robotic motions like I tried, you've got to commit to it.

The drama of the week has been doggy health. First Baloo had bloodied his tail at Sarah's while we were in Oklahoma, and he continuously opens up the wound which causes every wall/surface he passes to get a small line of blood smacked onto it when his perpetually in motion tail contacts it. The more you try to get him to not wag his tail, the more excited he gets and it wags faster.

Then we had the second round of bleeding dogs, only much more serious. Molly had some sort of tumor in her ear that got ruptured, which caused her to bleed somewhat profusely for quite some time. After contacting the emergency vet and getting their recommendation, we decided to wait and go to her normal vet the next day. After a consultation with her normal vet, she recommended taking her to a specialist in Wheat Ridge for laser surgery removal.

In the meantime, MJ & Yack's flight got canceled for the next morning due to the nasty snowstorm that moved in. So they got an extra night at Chateu de White, but had to endure dog bleeding incident #2. I created "doggy jail" in the kitchen to keep Molly from bleeding everywhere and ended up sleeping by her in the kitchen on the tile. The next day we braved the bad roads and got her to the clinic, where she had successful laser surgery and is doing much better now. She still has a sensitive ear, but it appears to be getting better now.

Yesterday we got another visit from family as BK & Bob dropped in. They had bigger plans, but squeezed us in for lunch yesterday. Got to enjoy some Pasta Jay's, which was excellent as always although they only had 1 chicken julianna special left. I conceded it to BK, and opted for the shrimp scampi ravioli which was dynamite as well.

Now its time to get back to the daily grind, resume the diet and get back on the bike. I've been really bad about my eating habits over the holidays, but it gives me motivation to get back to my pre-holiday diet and training plans. I'm blatantly ignoring my scheduled weigh-in today as I don't want to know the damage just yet, maybe next week...

And here are some more random doggys pictures from the last couple days...

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