Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

Fearing the inevitable holiday travel nightmares and the potential travel ending snowstorms like we received last year, we opted to do our "Christmas Tour" the week preceding Christmas. We got some super cheap flights on Southwest, which made travel easy.

We had a slight detour through Dallas due to weather in OKC, but we did finally get to OKC albeit a bit later than expected. Some lunch at Charleston's with my parents, then on to BVille by way of Tulsa. Judy cooked up more food than we could eat, per the usual, and we got to get caught up with Jill's parents and the ageless Grandma Vi.

Judy & Jill pose with peppermint bark, my personal favorite holiday treat

Too much to do and bad weather left us grounded in BVille, but we were able to at least make it across town to BK & Amy's house to watch the OState/Pitt game, and of course play some trains with Ty. Ty was quite happy to see Jill, but I'm pretty sure he could have done without me.

After we let the streets melt out Sunday morning, we headed back to the big town of Union City. By my request, we spent Monday morning checking the cows out west with my parents. Its always nice to get out into the serene terrain, and all the cows are very happy to see the truck that brings them cake.

Momma cow hides her new twins

One of the many cute babies that took interest in us as we fed

Lots of the 75ish herd have names, and several are quite forward about getting their cake. It was evident though that they weren't sure what to make of me, regardless of how much I resemble their beloved Yackster. Penelope, the queen of the herd, finally did warm up to me a bit but she still preferred the 'Ster...

Penelope doesn't bite the hand that feeds her

P took interest in me when Yack ran out of cake

P posed for even more pics

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