Friday, January 25, 2008


Nothing very important here, but I know how Jill LOVES seeing charts and graphs on this blog so I thought I'd throw up last nights 2x20s effort. Basically two 20 minute intervals at as hard of a pace as you can sustain for the whole time. I actually felt pretty good pounding these out and was pleased with how well I had done on my pacing. You can see at the end of each interval I was able to give it a bit more gas.

I've isolated just the 2 intervals with the 10 minute easier pedaling between them in the picture above. Average HR over the first interval was 172 and 174 for the 2nd, with both intervals using the same gear, same resistance and keeping the cadence at 100 rpm. Surprisingly the 173bmp rate didn't really destroy me to hold for 20 minutes, so maybe I should have been going a bit harder. Nah, its just January I'll save that stuff for March or April.

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