Monday, January 28, 2008

Table Talk

In a random event that took about 2 hours from inception to acceptance, I'm headed to Vegas for a quick weekend with a bunch of the Solarc family (past and present). It started as Blake wanting a weekend in Vegas before the birth of their 2nd child and Weber agreeing to go. I signed on almost instantaneously and things starting gathering steam from there. We're up to 6 now with Duke Mattoon, Mike Scharf and Jeff Hardcastle all booking flights. Its a geographically diverse group: 3 from Tulsa, 2 from London and 1 from Colorado.

In perfect timing for the Vegas trip, Jill & I had signed on to play in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament to benefit a school. Sarah plays in a monthly game and several of the regulars from the monthly game throw a once a year fund raiser for the school, so the three of us put up our $40 donations to get a seat.

25 people sat down as the cards were dealt. Jill & Sarah were on a table together, but I was on a table with no one else I knew, which was either an advantage or a disadvantage but I haven't figured out which one yet. The cards were played, the blinds increased and people started busting out. Sarah was the first of our crew to get bounced.

The three tables went to 2 and then to 1, with Jill & I being 2 of the 9 remaining for the final table. I made a couple nice moves, but then got caught being trapped when I thought I was trapping and busted out in 7th place. Jill's impressive run continued as she picked through the field and ultimately ended in 4th.

We walked away with gift certificates to Chili's and Outback, two of our typical haunts. I think Jill threw her hand as to procure the Outback GC instead of trying to get in the top 3, which were luxury box tickets to the Avalanche and Nuggets. Not too shabby for someone who had to play a couple hands the night before so she could refresh her memory of the rules and game play.

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Leigh Anne said...

Hey what about the girl SolArc'ers?! You didn't include any of us in the LV reunion. :) Hope all is well. Have fun! Leigh Anne