Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Annual Ski with the Squires Day

The Baron & Kade made their annual spring break trip out from Carnegie, OK to CO for some turns in the powder. Sarah & I headed up for our first of two days with them. I've been meaning to take my camera all year to snap some pics from the slopes. Well I finally did take the camera, grabbed some shots on a pretty tricky day to shoot the action.

Here is Kade landing his jump

The Baron gets nice air

Kade's friend Hunter hits the jump on his 2nd run ever

Which one acts like the 9-year old?

Kade powering down the slopes under the blue sky

Kade follows Sarah down a run

A pretty casual ski day just taking it easy, hanging out and having fun. We're headed up again tomorrow for some more spring skiing. Not sure that I'll lug the camera along tomorrow, it makes my Camelbak bounce around quite a bit due to the weight and I can't be giving any advantages to Barry, Sarah or the rest of the gang when I'm out there to ski them so hard they can't walk the next day right?

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