Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hey there March, you're looking good...

So 24 hours into March, and we've already had the best day of the year. 75 degrees, sunny and an all around glorious day to be outside. Couple today with the fact the best day of the year, daylight savings time, and things are looking up.

After a hectic week of being in 3 time zones in a 5 day period, it was nice to have a sunny day to enjoy on the Front Range. Jill & I took a nice leisurely ride around the neighborhoods, and then I headed out on my own. I did a loop down to Boulder, up to Lyons and back home.

There were brief periods of high winds, which made going south and west tough, but heading north and east was fast, fast, fast. I found myself making the right turn on Highway 36 climbing north out of Boulder and powering up the rolling hills in the big ring. I was having a great day on the pedals, passing lots and avoiding being dropped per the usual.

I didn't have much objective for the ride, just wanted to get in 1.5 - 2 hours. I ended up getting in 2:45 counting the cruising time with Jill and setting some personal bests on power output. I did a couple of big pull sprints, with the first having me throw down 1250w (up from 1020 I did a couple weeks back) and holding 1,000 or more for over 10 seconds. Felt good to have a productive output, and move out of the "Untrained" category on watts per kilogram for sprinting.

Ended up getting about 45 miles in, with a big 30mph big ring burnin' session for the 10 miles down Highway 66 between Lyons and Longmont. I was stomping it, easily catching the group of 6 that had a 1/2 mile gap on me.

And for some visualization, here is my Mean Normalized Power graph showing today (solid line) versus my previous work (dotted line).

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