Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring break in the C Squared


I'm on a brief visit to the refinery capital of the US, Corpus Christi. No its not exactly "Guy Gone Wild", but I'm an old guy who struggles to stay up past the 10pm news these days.

In an effort to not be bored senseless while on my visit, I grabbed my trusty and rusty Canon S40 point and shoot to grab some pics of my trip around the area.

So for Day 1, this is what I got for ya...

Could be worse than a hotel on the beach I guess...

This is the rental. Its got some getty up, but its a freakin' station wagon.

This is the key. Strange.

As Jill says "There is always room for ice cream!"...even if it means you put it in your front yard. Again, strange.

The intersection of "Weber" and "BREWton". All signs point to trouble ahead.

We'll see what interesting things I stumble across in Day 2 of the C^2.

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