Monday, April 07, 2008

7 years and counting...

7 years ago today, on a day not unlike today's freaky snow then sun then rain then snow then sun, Jill & I got hitched at the Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park. Its been a great run so far, and this officially concludes the pre-kiddo wedding anniversaries.

We chose not to do a lot of fanfare around the event, but we did celebrate with a really nice dinner at what Jill and I probably agree is the best restaurant in Boulder, Frasca. Monday nights feature a simplified menu, a four course meal with two choices for your 2nd and 3rd courses, with a specialized wine tasting suited to the menu. We followed the waiter's recommendation and did "one of each" so we could try everything on the menu.

The shocking thing to me was that my favorite dish of the night was the one dish I really didn't want to order, an asparagus salad dish. It was simple enough, but quite delicious even though I'm not traditionally a huge fan of asparagus.

All three wines we sampled were very distinct, two whites and a cab/merlot mix, but all were quite delicious as well. Obviously with Jill carrying Thor, she didn't get to partake in much wine, but she did get to enjoy samples of each. You can't really tell by looking at her that she is 104 days away from giving birth, but she's starting to finally get a bit of a belly.

So we begin the 8th year of marriage, one that will surely show us more change than any of the previous years, but will likely be one of the best too. Things have changed a lot since we were a couple of stary-eyed kids on vacation in Colorado with 30 family members and friends invading the town, but it just keeps getting better and we keep enjoying the ride.


Chris said...

Congrats to you both! Jill looks very very happy in that pictures.

To many more years and thanks for the restaurant recommendation ;)

Jake said...

Jill is looking as cute as can be. I miss you guys. Congrats.