Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catching Up

The dark, cold winter months see my blog posts drop to a minimum. As the weather improves, the number of posts go up. Today was a great spring day on the Front Range, mid 50s, blue skies and not even a trace of wind. Tomorrow, well thats another story with a big spring storm headed our way, which by some accounts could send nearly a foot of snow to areas near the foothills. If the big storm comes to fruition, then it looks like some boarding or road biking this weekend.

Anyway, I've got several bike projects in the works so here's the quick update:

My "Arkansas" bike is waiting on the hand-me-down wheelset off my Niner, which is getting some new wheels built by the guru of wheelbuilding, Larry at Mountain High Cyclery up in Loveland. Its probably going to inherit a set of Juicy brakes from the Yeti, and the Yeti gets some new Formula brakes that I've been hearing good things about.

So here's is the currently unnamed green 29er Soul Cycles singlespeed...

Jill's "Arkansas" bike will be her tried and true, trusty Specialized Rockhopper. She's getting a "new to her" dual squish bike that should smooth out the bumps at Winter Park nicely. I had acquired a 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper frame, but then ran across a Turner 5 Spot from a riding buddy up the road that I couldn't resist. So the Specialized will likely end up hitting Craigslist, Ebay, or MTBR.com to get a new home. A scored a nice deal on a barely used Rock Shox Recon, and will be building it up with a mix of new and used parts.

The new 5 Spot and fork

The Specialized that will soon be finding a new home

Last but certainly not used least, Ruby got a spring drive train cleaning and parts replaced. My cycling team got a SRAM Grassroots sponsorship this year, so we got to buy parts at below wholesale prices so I got a sparkling new chain and cassette for the upcoming season.

And after blatantly ignoring my newly re-started training plan last night for our anniversary, I finally got my rear on the bike again tonight. Nothing huge or taxing, just trying to get going again after a March that was predominately spent on the slopes instead of the saddle.

So here's the power profile of my Tempo (Zone 3) ride from tonight.

And one last pic of a much happier looking Baloo (compared to the forlorn looking pic at the top)...

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