Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is there anything that won't kill you these days?

Say it aint so...Our beloved Nalgene bottles that Jill & I both drink from every day at work are now bad for us and may give us cancer. For the last 3 weeks, every time I go to the kitchen to brew some iced tea, I get the "those things are bad for you" from whomever may be in the kitchen. It seems these days pretty much everything is going to get you at some point.

So do I drink water from my Nalgene bottle and hope that it doesn't give me cancer or do I pound back Dr. Pepper and die from obesity or all the unnatural chemicals in those types of drinks? I found it quite amusing that in a thread on a road biking forum a guy was discussing the terribleness of the whole situation when another poster came up with some wisdom:

"You ride a bike 2 feet from hundreds of cars weighing 3,000 pounds each whizzing by you all day and you're worried about a bottle?"

I never buy into the doomsday theories, but as I was at REI the other day I had a moment of clarity about the whole situation. There I was staring at the bare aisle where Nalgene bottles used to reside, now relatively desolate but now featuring "BPA Free" bottles. I thought about it for a minute, then realized that with a pregnant wife it just wasn't worth any risk and that I'd feel terrible for life if I could prevent a potentially bad situation by spending $20 on two new bottles.

So now we've got two new "BPA Free" bottles. Pretty much look just like our existing collection of bottles that will likely get retired. And how do I feel about it? Well again I think everything will get you at some point these days, but why not minimize the risks that you can. So $20 lighter, but I've at least eliminated one potential risk, at least for now until they come out with another study that says BPA bottles can help you live 10 years longer...

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