Monday, September 01, 2008

Cooper hits 1 month

Cooper officially hit the 1 month mark Monday. It really seems like a blur, but Jill and I are so happy with him despite getting somewhere in the vicinity of about 5 hours a sleep a night. He really has been an incredibly good kid, but sleep is still a prized commodity. The dogs are adjusting well, and it looks like our newly formed 5 member family is going to be just fine.

3 pics from the weekend, couple from around the house and 1 from Boulder Friday night at the Rio for Sarah's birthday.

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Bryan said...

Your comments about the dogs brought back memories.

With Ava, Gidget was the first one up and was right beside us with every feeding regardless of the time.

Rosie, on the other hand looked at us like "Please make Adam stop crying, I'm trying to sleep."

Now that he can dish her some grilled cheese on the side, all is right in the world between the two.