Sunday, October 26, 2008

A hike, a loss and a huge win

Another glorious Saturday on the Front Range that shouldn't be wasted, led us to The People's Republic of Boulder for some hiking at Chautauqua Park, home of the famous Flat Irons. Quick call to Sarah and she headed our way to meet up for a quick hike and some lunch before we all headed home to watch the huge OState vs Texas football game.

Some pixies from the hike...

Cooper ready for the trail
From Chautauqua Hike

Classic view
From Chautauqua Hike

What? In the Bjorn and not asleep? Happy regardless
From Chautauqua Hike

Jill and Cooper pose by the mini-flat irons in front of the real thing
From Chautauqua Hike

A little closer now
From Chautauqua Hike

And then it was time for pizza at The Sink. The Sink is Boulder's version of Joe's (for you OState grads), kind of a hole in the wall bar near campus that has become a tradition. Good pizza, lots of beer on tap sounded like a fine place for lunch. We devoured a pizza, took in some suds and then headed back home for the football event.

The game itself was really good. OState showed up, played well and had some chances to beat the best team in the country (by far in my opinion) on their home field. Came up a play or two short, but they played a great 60 minute game and the improvement from last year to this year is incredible. Definitely disappointed with a loss, but hard to be too discouraged about that game.

Then the big win...

We had a great dinner in Boulder at Pasta Jays with Curtis, Alanna and Micah Bird, which left two happy (and full) parents. Came home and played with Cooper then put him through his typical bedtime ritual including reading his two books to him. We put him to sleep for the night, then relaxed and watched Coldplay on SNL last night. Lights out.

Jill woke us this morning, glanced at the alarm clock and was shocked. 7a.m. and neither of us had gotten up all night to check on Cooper.

He slept through the night.

(Insert Chorus Bells) Hallelujah!

He must have been tired from his big day out on the town, but regardless it was a huge victory for us. We've been slowing down his night time feedings, but this was a big leap. He won't likely do this again tonight, but 8 hours of good, solid sleep last night should make it that much easier to deal with whatever tonight deals us.

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