Sunday, October 05, 2008


Jill and Coop have been with me in SA since Monday, and we've been on the go since we touched down. Linda was in SA playing army, so from Thursday night on we got to hang out with her and her aunt and uncle who live north of SA. We've squeezed a lot of activities and good dining in the last 3 or 4 days, and just now have enough time post up all the happenings.

Thursday, we all met up at Paul & Anita's (Linda's aunt and uncle) house to have some dinner and catch up. Good food and lots to talk about, as well as playing Pass the Cooper around the table. We set plans for Friday and then headed home with our bellies full.

Friday Jill, Cooper and I got up and tried to hit up the zoo before it got too hot. That didn't quite work out, as it got pretty hot by the time we were done, but we covered the zoo and then grabbed some lunch before hooking up with Linda and Anita.

Anita took off to her daughter's volleyball game, but the rest of us headed to the River Walk. We went to the Alamo, then toured the River Walk before heading for some tasty margaritas at La Fonda on Main.

Saturday, we headed up north, picked up Anita and Lynda and traveled near Fredericksburg, to Enchanted Rock State Park. We hiked up (Cooper, of course, slept the whole time) the Summit Trail, then back down before branching off and doing about half of the Loop Trail as well. Hot, sweaty and ready for food we hit up Rudy's (2nd time for Jill and I) for some outstanding BBQ. We headed back to Anita's house, watched some football, talked, and then ultimately said our goodbyes.

Today was a day to sleep in, then have a leisurely stroll around the huge outlet mall complex in San Marcos. Dinner, laundry, and showers later we are resting comfortably at our temporary home here at the Marriott. We'll be here for a couple more days, then take a brief detour to Houston for Solarc Ascent before heading back to SA to fly home on Thursday.

Can't wait to get back to CO for some dry air, cool temps, and hopefully some aspens that are still blazing. I've got a date with two puppies that we all are missing, and some plans to get my tires on the new Picture Rock trail between Heil and Hall Ranch in Lyons.

For now though, The Coop and I need a nap.

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