Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting out while the getting is good

Fabulous weather here this weekend. 70 degrees, blue skies and no wind at all, but we aren't fooled into thinking this will last forever. Nope, today marks the downhill slide to dark, cold days with my dear friend the sun making brief appearances. We got up and headed up to Big Elk Meadows to do some National Forest hiking with the whole crew.

From Hiking at Big Elk Meadows

From Hiking at Big Elk Meadows

We had a nice hike, had gone in a couple of miles and decided to stop for a break and a quick snack. When we pulled Cooper out of the Bjorn, we spotted trouble. He was wet and further investigation led to an "Uh oh" moment. Had a bit of an explosion (No Mary, I'm not posting it) so we were forced to use our Macgyver (or is that MacGruber?) instincts. With only one wet wipe, and no extra clothing for him, we went to our last option, Jill's beloved Mountain Hardware Butter pullover she had tied around her waist.

From Hiking at Big Elk Meadows

Its not exactly a 3-6 month size though, but Cooper did love the soft (hence the name Butter) fabric and didn't seem too phased to be sporting pink. We laughed and laughed as we walked down the hill as Cooper just kept smiling and laughing in his huge outfit.

We even did a "big arms" for his Aunt LK.

From Hiking at Big Elk Meadows

A good day to be out. Two worn out dogs, two parents happy to be outside and hiking again before the weather changes and a kid that should sleep through the night.

From Hiking at Big Elk Meadows

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SherylG said...

Hi Joel, Jill and Cooper!

I received a link to your blog from Chris and Marni Plesko. Seems that your hiking experience in RMNP in September wasn't too far off from ours earlier in the month:

Of course, we didn't have any run-ins with the wildlife, but we certainly can understand the trials and tribulations of traveling around with baby in tow!

Good to "meet ya!"