Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think I'm going to be alright...

Last weekend was a good weekend, and makes me realize that although not 100% that I'm not that far off. My Friday ride was spoiled by super winds that just didn't look like much fun to be pushing the 34x20 gearing in so I bailed and hung out with Super Cooper on the floor.

Saturday, I got up and headed to Teller Farm...a real trail. Teller is about a 1 out of 10 on the technical rating, but its trail and dirt and it felt great. Its and out and back, and mostly doubletrack but I was all smiles as were most of the people out on the trail. Lots of dogs, kiddos, and people happy to be out on a nice morning.

The one catch was that its mostly downhill on the way out, and mostly up on the way back. With gears it wouldn't have been much of an effort, but with the single the last hill (which is the only real climb) just about killed me. I labored up it, completely blown by the time I got to the top but I rode the whole thing. Lets hope it gets easier from here.

Sunday was supposed to be a dreary, snowy day but we've learned to never trust the weather forecasters on the Front Range. Ignoring the calls for bad weather, we loaded up the whole family in the Jill Mobile and headed up the canyon. Upon arriving at Big Elk Meadows, we were the only car around. Perfect.

Cooper was suited up in his snowsuit and strapped in the Bjorn and we headed out. The dogs were giddy and gleeful to be out and about, running through every patch of snow they could find. We did a nice hike out to a big open meadow, took a break and then headed back. A good 4 - 5 mile hike at elevation on a trail that was at times super icy and tricky, but the Achilles felt really good. I continue to push it a bit and it is responding really well. I feel very confident that skiing in the next few weeks is a real possibility. Who'da thunk it 12 weeks ago?

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