Tuesday, February 03, 2009


No not Mobile, Alabama.

Not Mobile phone.

Mobile as in Cooper is very mobile these days. He went from several weeks of attempted crawling and sometimes backwards movement to scooting all over the place in a hurry. We all kind of knew once he got it all figured out that he'd be all over the place in a hurry.

Jill had him sitting in the living room, walked over to the sink to wash something off and by the time she got back he had scooted all the way to his high chair and was tugging at the bibs. He looks a bit guilty in these photos Jill snapped...

He's on the move and learning new tricks all the time. Jill said that he has already figured out how to go from sitting to crawling back to sitting. Perhaps the more notable feat was that he was able to pull himself up using the couch. He's taken a couple small tumbles with his new found standing ability, but we expect he won't be content with crawling and he is now going to be focusing his energy on walking. He's gonna be tough to keep up with....

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