Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm getting old...

I hate pretty much everything these days. I really try to not make my blog a soapbox, but goodness I just can't help it today. Every "news" (I used that term lightly) story I read today just had me shaking my head. Just a grumpy, tired guy who is on the road having a bad day? You be the judge...

The Idiot Octuplet Mother, now accepting donations
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I really hate just about everything about this story. Unemployed woman drawing welfare payments, already has 6 kids that she seemingly can't care for decides to throw down for 8 more of them. I'm absolutely convinced she did this expecting to get her own "John and Kate Plus 8" type show. I will be absolutely flabbergasted at any "news" agency that pays this woman even a cent. Shocking, tonight the latest "news" story is that California tax payers will be footing the $1 million dollar health care bill to deliver the octuplets. Shocking that the unemployed idiot can't cover that bill isn't it?

Boulder High students want to rename to Barack Obama High School.
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The guy is in office for what, 3 weeks? Yeah signing a bill that delays the already ridiculously long and drawn out digital TV conversion into law, that surely is justification to have the oldest high school in Colorado renamed in your honor.

Banks and Wall Street still blowing through bailout money
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Yep, my bank Wells Fargo is the latest bank to take bailout money and then do ridiculous things like it. Why should Wells Fargo miss out, they've all given huge bonuses, spent millions on important things like remodeling an office, corporate jets, parties, etc. I'm frankly just disgusted by it and ready to let the banks, the big 3 and the mortgage industry crumble and start over. Its clear to me the government isn't helping, they have no idea where the money thats already been paid out has gone and seemingly have no recourse against the free spending banks they keep pouring money into it.

And it just goes on and on...
I really don't care one bit if Jessica Simpson is fat.
I'm disgusted that some pop star guy who've I've barely heard of beat up his girlfriend.
You've got the unbelievable ex-governor of Illinois, Bernie Made-Off with your cash, and the list goes on and on.

Its really just too much. Makes a guy think about just moving to Canada.......well OK maybe it isn't that bad....

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