Saturday, March 02, 2013

Loggin the miles

Joel and I have always enjoyed hiking, and getting to sit by a high alpine lake can really help a person keep perspective on life. I have always hoped our kids would be into it as well, and I think I can say that so far, they seem to enjoy it as much as we do. Now this is not to say that in about ten years we will not have much enthusiasm for the sport, but we hope to instill the love early on. So a few weekends ago we headed to Boulder to do a short hike at a trail called Settlers Park. It is just outside of Boulder and not a long trail, but has some steep terrain and can be challenging to the shorter legs. I was very proud of Lauren's effort. She was able to make it all the way up and around a short loop. We did put her in pack on the way down, more to ensure that she would not fall on the steeper places.
As always we have photographic evidence of the event :)
Starting up
 Little man working his way up the moutain
 Little sis doing her best to catch up
 Lauren and Joel
 Never too young to start bouldering
 Jill, Lauren  & Cooper on an overlook 
 Cooper with Large Boulders and a Big Smile
 Working our way uphill

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