Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving Time

As some of you know, we have been looking for a new house for a long time. When Joel and I moved to CO almost 9 years ago (It is hard to believe it has been that long ) we had no idea where we were going, so we found a nice community close to Joel's new work in Boulder. Found a house we liked and bought it. Now we know Joel will most likely to be working in Denver when he finally gets off the road. So this means moving a little closer in would be a big help to his commute and it does not hurt that we will be closer to some mountain bike trails he likes. We also were looking for good schools for the kids. After looking for a house for about three years, we decided to get really serious. We narrowed it down to Superior and Broomfield, and started looking with our ever patient real estate agent, Simon, in March. Not really knowing how competitive the market is in Superior, we soon found out every house we looked at would have several offers in days of going on the market. Deciding despite this, it was were we wanted to be and looked at about everything on sale. We finally found a house that looked like it had all the things that we had wanted, and made an offer. Knowing how competitive this area is we were sure we were not going to get the house, because we had started with our best offer and were not going to negotiate any further. Shockingly our real estate agent called us and told us that the owners had indeed accepted our offer.  So happy and a little shocked we started down the road of getting everything ready to buy the house - mortages, inspections, etc.
We should close in a few weeks, and we agreed to give the old owners a little time to move out, so we should be moving in late June, or early July.
We are both happy and ready to start the next phase of our lives. Here are  a few pics.
We should be ready for anyone who wants to visit in by August :).

Front of the house

Nice deck in back

Pretty Kitchen - now I have to start cooking
Have a basement for all the kids toys (or as I call it junk). 

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