Friday, May 24, 2013

Summertime at Sunflower Farms

Smiling Lauren on the way to the farm

Cooper has been going to play at Sunflower farms for the last few months. His teacher from the spring is going to be moving on so we had a farewell lunch for her today. Miss Hillary has been a great friend to the boys and I know she will be missed. She is always ready to jump right in with the boys and get dirty. Today was no exception. When Lauren and I walked up , several little boys were sitting at a table eating in only there underwear. Cooper added his rain boats to make the outfit complete.

                                                               Lauren finds a spot

After we had finished eating we again had to get dirty again. Cooper climbs up on a wooden pony and starts throwing his parachute guys.
Of course we need a partner in Crime :)
 then Miss Hillary makes some water balloons for the boys

Which one is going to throw first - I can say that no one actually hit there mark
Since we did not get wet enough with the water balloons - lets get the water guns 

Miss Hillary is armed you better run
After getting really wet, and finding the clothes that were sort of dry we hit the slide and tire swing before headed home for a shower. It was a beautiful day and Colorado, and we are so very blessed!!
I love this boy!!
 Not quite ready for the tire swing, but the horsey was just right - Love this girl!!
Thanks again to Miss Hillary for a great spring and looking forward to more fun this summer.

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