Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Museums & Parks

We were able to get in some fun, and educational things on our trip to Arkansas. Kim knowing how much Cooper loves Putt Putt, suggested we try the Safari Park in Hot Springs. After a short drive we arrived an were excited to not only see putt putt, but water bumper cars, Go Carts, and an arcade. After buying passes we headed out.

 Now, I had seem the bumper cars before, but had not realized they were armed. Cooper found his button and got me wet (and I was on the other side of the fence) .From then on, it was a all out war. It seemed that Lauren and Cooper were good at ganging up on Uncle J. It was good we rode the Go carts next so the could all dry off.  Boy did they have fun!
   A Very Happy Boy.
Now I did not get any pictures of the Go Carts, since I was also driving. The kids loved it, and some smart person, probably a women, had put a steering wheel in for the kids, so Lauren and Kate were loving "driving" the carts. Joel, Cooper and Justin were quickly in a race for first place. I am not sure who won, but I know I was in last. Up next Putt Putt.
Not sure Lauren really played, but she was in on the action
Girls looking for their balls
Next up was the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock. We had visited it last year, but it is a really great museum and I am very glad we went again. 

Checking out what happens to the ground when a earthquake happens.
Moving a ball thru a maze
Happy Cousins
Can't forget about Elise
This game was very cool, you needed to calm your brain activity to move your ball toward your opponent. The kids did not really have the concentration for it, but the parents were soon in a heated battle. Justin and I could both turn if "off" pretty quick, which I am not at all sure is something to brag about.

My incredibly tough girl laying on a bed of nails!
Dress up time

After the Children's Museum we walked a block down to the Wildlife Museum of Arkansas. It was part of the tourism department and showed all the local wildlife. It was very nice and a great addition to the day. 

Looking at the fish

Feeling black bear fur
Hands on display

We all enjoyed the day, and I think the adults had as much fun at the Museum of Discovery as the kids did. 

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