Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Season's over

Well it is spring time in CO and that means....... uh Snow. Well, I must say that I love the season in our beautiful home state and a late snow is something to enjoy because you know the cold is not going to last much longer, and besides the slight damage to some flowers, it is pretty. We had about 6 inches of really wet snow this weekend so Joel took the kids over to the hill near our house.
here is the results

Last weekend was also Cooper last soccer game for the season. He really improved a lot, and to be the braggy parent I will say he was one of only two little ones on the team to score this season, (we will not mention the goal scored on his own goal), and he did a great job of listening to his Coach. Who I will also say, was great with the kids and kept them motived and on track. Which can be really difficult if you make 5 year old boys stand close to each other for more then about 30 seconds. Here are some pics from the rest of the season.

            Getting Help from Tag and Sydnee
 Not sure why hands are up... since we know we can not use them
 Happy to be here
 Go, Go, Go
 Stop Em!
 Reese did a great job this season too!
 Go, Go, Go

Since we need to something of Lauren, we will brag about her bike riding. She has been  doing a great job on her strider bike. Here is a short video.

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