Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vacation Time with the Lovejoy Family

Getting together with family can be tough, and add a lot of miles between and it gets even harder. So when Kim called me and said they were trying to get to Arkansas in the spring, we were on board. (Joel has vowed never to go back, but we knew he would do the right thing ) Now, Justin and Kim thought it would be a good idea to surprise Mom and Dad, but I could not go thru with it, so I told Mom on her  birthday that our gang was coming out.
   Well, since we have always had a hard time in Arkansas, I thought we were right on track when Cooper threw up all over my car the day before we left. Thankfully after we cleaned everything up, he was okay, and had no lasting effects.  Once we landed and got to Mom and Dad's house the kids wanted to fish. And we fished and fished over the next few days. The kids loved it and we were able to catch quite a few. Sadly we did have the line snap on a few and would see the bobbers pop up every once in a while. We hope the fish did not get too much hazing for it from there friends.

Cooper, Joel and Dad testing the waters
 Cooper told me Grandpa was the best fishing teacher
 One of the first catches, not too big
 Now that is more like it

When were were not fishing, we were playing with bubbles, rolling down the hill in the yard, and running around screaming at the top of our lungs. Fun was had by all, if not a few frazzles nerves.

Love Grammie's make up

 Lauren was thrilled to have someone to cuddle with

Grandma wanted her pic with the grandkids (notice Grandpa did not have the fortitude to take on the challenge). Thankfully the kids were sufficiently tired from rolling down the hill and were able to sit still for a few minutes.
Happy Kids, Happier Grammie
 Cooper (5), Grammie (29), Elise (10mth), Katherine (3), & Lauren (3)
We had a great trip and had no travel stories from this trip. I guess this means Arkansas 2 and the White family 1. I know we were all glad to be able to spend time with the Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.

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