Monday, November 17, 2014

Cali, here we come

My kiddos are getting big fast! Way too fast. I was wanting to get a trip or two in before school, and work and sports and all those things takeover our lives. I was finally found a break in the calendar, and we headed to California for a few days.  With Joel travel miles and hotel rewards we were able to get there and stay rather cheaply, which was nice considering how expensive the parks are these days:).  We flew out Saturday morning and headed straight over the the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Joel and I had visited this zoo several years ago, but they have done lots of improvement since then.  We had a great day there - honestly I always have a great day at an zoo.

                                               My little Bats - Cooper and Lauren

  Getting ready to take the bus around there open pen park, where they have animals all living together.
Checking out the Animals

 Pretty Cheetah
 Lemur, Cooper and I where able to go into there pen
 Lauren was able to brush the Goats
 They just opened a new tiger exhibit and it was great.
 Cali Condor compared to the White Family
 The gorillas exhibit was also great. I was not able to get any good photos, but they had a new baby that was so cute. 

We had a great day at the zoo, despite bad traffic getting there. We were really blessed that it was our only bad traffic day. We were able to avoid for the rest of the trip. Great day, now Disneyland!

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