Friday, November 21, 2014

Time to build something

The last full day in California we spent in Legoland. We had great things about it and were excited to spend the day there.
The place is great for the younger kids with smaller rides and playgrounds to play on, and big lego blocks to use. After a big day at Disneyland I thought we would slow down, but no, we charged on. We drove boats, and cars and did other kiddie rides. 

 One of the first rides was horsey.....
 Lauren loved the horse.. she had a huge smile, but I could not seem to get any photos in focus
 The Capital building Lego style. They had replica cities of Las Vegas, an other national monuments. 
 Going to take a ride around the park
 Mummy Cooper
 Mummy Lauren
 Cooper was able to drive a car, and we had no accidents. Lauren was also able to drive, but was having a hard time figuring out the peddles
 Life size Chewy - They had a whole exhibit of Star Wars scene which was very impressive.  My favorite were the scene on Endor with the Ewoks.
 Darth Mal  - our nemesis from the day before
 Darth Vador
 We had a good, but another long day. Lauren even rode another roller coaster, but again told me that she was scared afterward. So... we will see if we have traumatized her for life or not. I already told Joel we will have to go back when the kids are older, so I can ride more roller coasters.
   After a couple of big days we decided to take our last day easy. We walked down to the beach from our hotel on Dana Point, and played in the waves. We we also able to watch the surfers, which was fun.
Dad and kids running in the wave
Waves are so COOL
Lauren is telling the ocean something
Brother helping sis run into the waves
Mom getting in on the fun- you can see Lauren got a bump on her forehead, trying to run onto our balcony that morning. Our trip would not have been complete with a goose egg.....

After fun in the cloudy day (sadly we did not get a sunny day), we headed toward the airport. We made sure to stop and have one last nice seafood meal before taking off, to land in 20 degrees and snow. We had a great trip, and look forward to many more family vacations in the future.

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