Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Eggs are the best

I know I have said this several times, but we are really blessed to live in Colorado. I hope we can continue to love and enjoy this wonderful place. Our friends John and Amy generously invited us up for  dinner on Easter Sunday, so we headed up to Nederland a little early to go to the Easter Egg hunt at the Ski Resort Eldora. We had a glorious day. Nice and sunny, as you can see below only jackets needed. The resort had place piles of snow and stuffed them full of Easter eggs. The kids had a great time.
Cooper and Lauren showing off their eggs

Lauren with the Easter Bunny

 Mom and Lauren enjoying the day

After the hunt we headed over the the carousel they have in Nederland. If you can please check it out. Cooper said at first he did not want a ride, but as soon as we hit the door, he was ready to ride, not once, but three times.
Lauren on a Mermaid
Once we had enjoyed spinning around and around, we headed over to John and Amy's.  They live in a beautiful area, that John had hidden tons on eggs around their house. They were so great to even include special eggs for each of the kids... Cooper got a car, and Lauren a My Little Pony. Amy and John are the best!!! We had a great time, on a amazing Colorado day. So blessed to let the little ones play while we could sit and enjoy the day. We thank you so much John and Amy!!!

Kids getting ready to start the search - John and Amy's Little one (Maddie) next to Lauren on the stairs
 Cooper showing off his haul
 How cool is this backyard
 So happy with our search
 Cooper climbing the rocks

To top off the day, we had a great meal, and a pretty cake to eat. Feeling very blessed, and grateful for great friends and a beautiful day.

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Perry said...

Really glad you all joined us--what a wonderful day with everyone. Hope we can make this a yearly tradition and hopefully even more families can join in the future! :) Look forward to a BBQ at your place soon! Perry's