Saturday, April 04, 2015

Birthday Girl!!!

WOW, I have really dropped the ball on posting this year..... I am blaming getting back to school. I am not sure if that is the real reason,  and I have really struggled to even take pictures these last few months, so posting a blog is not even on the radar.

                                That being said we must note Lauren's 4th birthday. 

Lauren turned 4 last month and we had to make sure she had a great day. Meaning donuts for breakfast, and presents! She did have school, so we could not get too much partying in on the day, but we did make sure to go to Monkey Business with Sarah and the girls that Friday.  A great day had by all. We are so proud of all her progress and she is already ready to turn 5. We have been telling her things she can do (that Cooper is doing) when she turns 5, so that day cannot come too soon for her. Personally we can slow things down. We are about to finish Cooper's kindergarten and her first year of Pre school. 

                                              Opening presents - we love our cute clothes!
                                                                      What is next!!!
Here is a short video of her waking up and running thru the streamers Joel and I put up the night before. I am sure she will be glad this video exists in about 10 years. I see this as part of my parenting, to make sure I have these jems to bring out at the correct time :)

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