Monday, April 20, 2015

Lord knows, Mama tried...

It seems that I am always trying to get a trip going somewhere. I am also not a fan of traveling during peak seasons, since you have to deal with the crowds, but the trade off is your never going to know what kind of weather you are going to get. The kids had a few days off, and we have had several weeks of warm, dry weather so I was thinking, hoping we would have good weather to get over the Glenwood Springs. They have natural Hot Springs, and hike that is well known to a place called Hanging Lake. So of course, the week we are planning on going, we have snow in the forecast..... again I was wearing sandals last week. Joel and I keep watching and decide to go for it.... Get busy living. So Friday morning we load up around 9 AM, despite the CDOT website saying that I70 is closed. Hoping it will open up any minute, and watching for hours when it does not. Not to waste our time, we hit a few stores and get Lunch. So we wait until 1PM for the highway to open. We make our way up and finally hit our destination around 4. Glad to have made it to Glenwood Springs, sad to see that it is also snowing in Glenwood Springs. We let the kids swim at the hotel pool and then grab some dinner. We plan to get up in the morning and hike and then go to the Hot Springs...... well it is still snowing in the morning. Joel and I could have made the hike, but it was too tall an order for the kids. So to have something to do, we head to a town about an hour away,  Fruita.  They have a few things that we thought the kids would like, first a Dinosaur Museum.

Who does not want to ride in this Rig
 Cooper and a Dino
 Lauren with a Brachiosaurus looking over her

Cooper with a Leg of a Brachiosaurus
 Daddy and Lauren loving the Stegosaurus
The museum was good, and the kids enjoyed it. Afterward we headed across the street to a Nature Center, kind of like a small zoo. The people working there were really nice and we were able to really check out some cool, albeit small animals. Mostly fish, and reptiles, even one fish that would spit water into the air to knock down bugs too eat.  So after our trip farther west, we headed back to Glenwood Springs, hoping to try the Hot Springs, but when we got back to town it was still snowing. So back to the Hotel Pool and dinner.  Gloriously the next morning it was dry. We headed over to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure park. The weather was not great, but good enough for us to enjoy, and to chase away some of the crowds. We were able to walk up and do just about whatever we wanted when we wanted. Which turned out to be the Alpine Coaster. It is just like it sounds, a small cart on a track, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! We must have gone down it 25 times, and smiled each time.  Joel even tracked how fast he went, 30 mph, only after Cooper told him I was faster :).
Cooper and Dad after a fun run
 Lauren does not look very happy, but she squealed the whole way down, and would say again as soon as we hit the bottom 
In one of the two caves we toured - I can not believe that we all are looking at the camera and smiling..... that NEVER happens
 The Calcite would glow under black lights.. it was really cool
 The Park was on top of one of the mountains surrounding the town, so we had to ride a Gondola up 
Lauren - My Fearless Child - when on the Zipline - it pulled you up to about 100 ft and then dropped you back down. A little leary at first, and they said FUN! as soon as she was back down
Cooper sadly would not do it, until he had gone down on the coaster and we convinced him it was not as scary at the that. He also declared it an awesome ride. We headed home, and thankfully all the snow had left the front range, we were able to get home within a few hours. Since we went there to go to the hot springs and never made it, we will have to make another trip to Glenwood Springs soon, that and I think I can go faster then 30 on the alpine coaster.  Let's just hope that we have less snow next time, but you never know-  snowed on us last summer in Jackson. But I will tell you I am very glad that we were able to go.  

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