Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This spring I had grand ideas that we be hiking and camping all summer, and then somehow it was the end of July. So I decided we would we head up to the mountains and camp at least one night. Hoping to get a spot in Brainard Lake, which is beautiful and very busy in the summer. We headed up, and stopped by the campground. It looked like several of the campgrounds were packing up, and a sign noted that you could pick a campsite at 1pm. So walked around the lake and had some lunch. 

Cooper wanted to take some photos - Lauren and I
 Cooper and Lauren eating lunch
 Of course we have to toss rocks and sticks into the lake
 And also wade in....
 We made  it to land
After playing around for a little, we headed back to the campground at 12:45 Getting there,we see several people setting up camp. Sadly it seems that the 1pm check in, is a guideline not a rule. Not to be deterred, we headed toward Nederland. Knowing there was a campground nearby we headed that way. Thankfully we made it to Gorden's Gulch and found a great place to stay. 

Again, Cooper wanted to take a few more pics, but it worked out since I have pics of the campground
 Lots of rocks to climb on.
 Cooper and Lauren helping me set up camp
After we set up camp, I asked the kids if they wanted to head back to the lake, or try a few local hikes that I knew about. But the kids just wanted to play around the campground. Worked out well for me to be able to sit and relax while they had a great time exploring. We headed into Nederland to ride the carousel, and meet Joel for dinner. After dinner headed back to the campground. We built a fire and just enjoyed the beautiful place. 

Carousel of Happiness - of course we have to ride the cow
 And the donkey

We had a great time, and were glad to get the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Since we only have a few weeks until school starts it might be hard to get back out again, but I hope we can at least get one more night out under the stars. 

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