Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lordy, Lordy JoJo is Fourty!!!


Joel has now joined the ripe old age of 40. I am very grateful that I am not longer in the decade ahead of him any more. He can not longer remind me he is still 39.
    Since it is a big birthday I wanted to do something special. Jack and Martha had come into town to help celebrate, so Friday night we headed to Louisville LuLu's Bar B Que. As always, it was good and it was great to have the whole group together.
  On the morning of his birthday we had breakfast with the family and then came home and I told Joel I had gotten him 40 things for his 40th birthday. Some things were small and cheesy, but I think he appreciate the effort.

                                       Joel and Lauren with his birthday haul!

Opening his heart package

Kids had more fun then Dad opening ALL the gifts

 Joel''s blue shirt..... kind of like all the other blue shirts I get him

Hurray for opening gifts

Another blue shirts. but this one has little bikes on it
Still going

Finally got bored when Dad brought out the cards

I hope he had a good day. For the being the best father, husband, son, and friend, I wanted to show him how much he means to us, and how much we appreciate all the work he does daily to take care of us. Joel White is an amazing man, and Cooper, Lauren are better off knowing him. We love you Joel!

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